Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oasis Assulted on stage in Toronto

Noel Gallagher attacked at Toronto's V Festival

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fobia @ The Vault 350

Veneno vil
200 sabados
Miel de Escorpion
Regresame a Jupiter
El crucifijo
Sembrando Estrellas / El diablo
Dos corazones
Hoy tengo miedo
Dios bendiga a los gusanos
No eres yo
Todas las estrellas
12 pasos
Revolucion sin manos

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Editors The Wiltern 2/9/08

An End Has A Start
The Weight Of The World
Escape The Nest
When Anger Shows
All Sparks
Push Your Head Towards The Air
Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
The Racing Rats
You Are Fading
Fingers In The Factories

Friday, January 25, 2008

Cloverfield Reviewed

Good flick or sucked di**

It’s Friday morning and I’m anxiously waiting for 12:45p screening of Cloverfield. I wait for the digital projection screening at the Edwards in the LBC… only to later wonder why I bothered if a good part of the film is shot on a Sony handycam anyway…

Cloverfield, produced by JJ Abrams (executive producer of L O S T, best show ever!) begins with a home video-type footage of a farewell party for the main character Rob, as told from the perspective of his best mate, Hud, who volunteers for the task of documenting the party… I imagine (emphasis on the word, imagine) that I would have such a party if I ever left Los Angeles for a gig in some far off place (Boston). (If you’re a friend of mine, please close your eyes and think of which role in the movie would be yours).

Like the Blair Witch Project before it, Cloverfield is a shaky, POV hand -held film not meant for those with a weak stomach. This film will make you queasy… and those who’ll write… Cloverfield sucked because:

1) How can a camcorder battery last so long when Rob had to break into an electronics store to charge his cell phone?
2) Why in the world would Lily go most of the movie in her heels?
3) With all of the 9/11 references, why wouldn’t any of the characters suspect the acts of destruction as terrorism?
4) With New York on the brink of destruction, why in the world would Rob go back into the line of the fire to attempt a rescue of a girl who showed up to his party with some nerdo pretty boy?

This is what I have to say:

1) How do you know he didn’t change batteries? Just because they didn’t show him changing batteries, doesn’t mean he didn’t have spares in his pocket.
2) What did you want her to do? Go barefoot as she makes her way through burning buildings and rubble?
3) I dunno about this one.
4) Say what? Look at her!

In a time of the lame formula blockbusters like King Kong, Godzilla, War of the Worlds, Independence Day Cloverfield is breathe of fresh air. Though we never get the exposition that explains who, what and where this monster is, or comes from or lives or dies… we don’t really need it. I mean, if Los Angeles were to come under attack would we really be able to Wikipedia such a creature? I think not. At about 82 minutes running time, Cloverfield entertains, frightens, and invites us into the lives of those twenty-somethings who are caught in a horrifying adventure…

Good flick.