Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Best Bar Songs 2007

Toast to the cool bars with great jukeboxes I went to this year. From the local dive in the LBC to the Shortstop by the stadium... here are the songs that got the mood just right, made you bob your head and throw your hands in the air. Here are my top 11 bar songs of ’07, accompanied with the cocktails that were made to enjoy them with.

Britney Spears- Gimmie More
It’s Britney Bitch! This train wreck can still rally a group of girls at any bar… at anytime. Drink: SHOT of PATRON, what else?

Sean Kingston- Beautiful Girl
This throwback jam gets the body moving. Drink: Sex on the Beach you need a tropical drink with an umbrella for right paradise mood.

Maroon 5- Makes Me Wonder
After you look around the bar wonder who the fuck selected Maroon 5 from the jukebox, order up a Irish Car Bomb!

Mark Ronson/Amy Winehouse- Valerie
Drink: Classy and Amy Winehouse usually don’t go together… but mix it up with a Sour Apple Martini

Kinky- A Donde Van Los Muertos?
Put your arm around your best bud and chug an ice cold Modelo.

Justin Timberlake- Summer Love
Just how did they “get that pretty little face on that pretty little frame girl?” Enjoy this bar song with a Vodka (Kettle One) and Tonic. It’ll make ya say “let me buy you drinks- better yet rings…”

Rihanna- Umbrella
Rihanna got you the Umbrella now you need to make it rain. Step up to the bar and order up a Kamakazi shot.

M.I.A.- Boyz
HOW MANY BEERS ARE IN THE CASE? BOYS THERE? HOW MANY?” Take a Stella Artois from the case, hold it up… and say “Salud”.

Will.I.Am- I Got It From My Momma
After this song plays you’ll find yourself asking the first hot girl you see... “Girl, where did you get that body from?” Then either a) it’ll be a hot icebreaker b) or you’ll get the classic roll of the eyes. Either way, enjoy this jam with a Vodka/Soda and splash of Cran… girls will dig it.

Kanye West- Stronger
By Stronger Kanye means Stronger rockstar… at least in this case... now that the party has started you need to take it to rockstar status and get on top of a bar (only if you’re hot) while holding a red bull and vodka.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Best Albums of 2007

As the world awaits new albums from Coldplay, U2 and Morrissey in 2008... here are the albums that inspired me in 2007.

10. Volovan- Monitor
“Monitor” is my favorite song of the year from an album i’ve been waiting a long time for. Volovan’s sophomore release didn’t disappoint. Their power-pop chords are just what I need in a time when every band is Mexico is trying to sound pop-punk.

9. Manu Chao- Radiolina
Choosing to spend his time touring rather than recording, Manu Chao, finally relased an album five-plus years alter “Esperanza”. It was worth the wait.

8. M.I.A.- Kala
Creatively, M.I.A. intrigues me. "Kala" isn't the commercial hip-hop of a Kanye West, or Jay-Z. Born in Sri Lanka, MIA follows up her politically driven debut "Argular" with... well, a political at times "Kala". In $20 she sings "Do you know the cost of A.K.'s up in Africa? 20 dollars ain't shit to you, but that's how much they are /Of course they gonna use it to kill a little da". Using influences from all over the world, I give her credit for not turning into the next hip-hop diva a la Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado (though Timbaland was in line to produce this album).
7. Bloc Party- A Weekend in the City
I (heart) Bloc Party. They evolve with A Weekend in the City but it fails to capture the magic of their debut “Silent Alarm”. “A Song for Clay”, as a few tracks on AWITC are too wordy for my taste.

6. Peter Bjorn and John- Writers Block
“Young Folks” or “that whistling song” as some refer to it was a great single. Itunes sold the album for $6 so I bought the whole thing… and it quickly became one of my favorites of the year.

5. Feist- The Reminder
Like most of America, I first discovered Feist on the ipod commercial. It wasn’t too long before I couldn’t get that 1,2,3,4 song out of my head. I downloaded it on itunes, and also downloaded another song, then another, and another… next thing I know I had the whole album, and it’s great!

4. Radiohead- In Rainbows
Radiohead takes chances. Most recently, they made “In Rainbows” available online and allowed people to name their price. I paid $3 for it, and it was worth every penny.

3. The National- Boxer
The Interface podcast is the shit. I thank them for introducing me to many great bands this year. The National, among them.

2. Amy Winehouse- Back to Black
In a word, “soulful”.

1. Editors- An End Has a Start
When bands reach success with their first albums most feel they need to change things up (see the Killers “Sam’s Town”, or even Bloc Party “A Weekend in the City”). Editors stuck with the style that defined then on “The Back Room” and successfully take you into a dark, shadowy corner of your apartment, but rest a gentle comforting hand on your shoulder at the same time.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Soda Stereo Home Depot Center, 11-21


Juego de Seducción
Imágenes Retro
Hombre al Agua
En la Ciudad de la Furia
Picnic en el 4B
Cuando Pase el Temblor
Final Caja Negra
Tratame Suavemente
Sobredosis de TV
Danza Rota
Persiana Americana
En Remolinos
Primavera 0
No Existes
Sueles Dejarme Solo
En el Séptimo Día
Un Millón de Años Luz
De Música Ligera

Disco Eterno
Cae el Sol

Nada Personal
Te Hacen Falta Vitaminas


We weren’t allowed to carry a walkman in high school so I would hide mine in my locker on the second floor of the science building until school was over. Though my walk home was only a few blocks away it helped pass the time. Neddless to say it was also cool to throw on your headphones and have your group of friends ask you what you were listening to. My group of friends would always hang out by our locker after school because it was also the cool thing to do and we hang, and shoot the shit about our everyday high school lives.

I remember having to lie about what tape I had in my walkman, “I’m listening to U2, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Pearl Jam, or any other “in” KROQ band I would answer. It wasn’t true but it would help me sound cool. Those bands were acceptable and liking them gave you status in my high school. Reality was, I would have a cassette tape that my friend who grew up in TJ (Tijuana) would let me borrow. It was usually a rock en espanol tape, anywhere from Caifanes, Soda Stereo, or his favorite, Heroes del Silencio, which I borrowed but never heard because I just couldn’t get into it.

For years now Soda Stereo would be rumored to reunite. Gustavo Cerati, frontman of the group was now a successful solo artist and had often rebutted the rumors saying that a reunion wouldn’t be happening. Cerati’s musical career had evolved, he was now in a different place, dabbling with electronica, and taking his fun, post eighties dance rock into a more sophisticated sound. But with the success of recent reunion tour of Spaniards Heroes del Silencio selling out stadium concerts across Latin America and Europe anything was possible.

Finally, on June 9th it was confirmed, after ten years Soda Stereo was reuniting for a series of shows to commemorate their ten years of separation. The tour was named “Me Veras Volver” a lyric from one of their biggest hits “En La Cuidad de la Furia”.
Within twenty-four hours ninety thousand tickets had been sold for their reunion concerts at River Plate Stadium, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the place where the band had played their final show in 1997.

In the end five more shows were added to River Plate, all sold out, breaking records. There would only be three US shows on this tour, with highlight being the Los Angeles show that was becoming the most anticipated Latin Alternative show in years. It was a far reach from Soda Stereo’s first US show in 1989 when Soda played at the Palace (now the Avalon) in Hollywood, after the release of their album Doble Vida. It would have set you back 10 dollars to have seen them then, and face value for a floor seat at the Home Depot Center today were going for $200. Times had changed.

Soda Stereo was back and it was a chance for a generation to see a legendary band, who through the course of their career had inspired many kids to pick up their guitars, get some friends together and start a band in their garage. It was a chance for those who had only heard Soda Stereo in the night clubs, those who owned the mix rock en espanol bootlegs with “De Musica Ligera” mixed in, to finally see their heroes perform in person. So $200 huh? Who could put a price on history?

At 20:24pm on the 21st of November, Gustavo Cerati (lead vocals, guitar), Charlie Alberti (drums), Zeta Bosio (Bass), with the help of Tweedy Gonzales on keyboards, took the stage at the Home Depot Center… on a stage set designed by Martin Philips, who has designed sets for Daft Punk, Nine Inch Nails and U2… stood a video screen backdrop, which divided into three separate screens, came together, apart, and transformed into different shapes and come back together like a puzzle… and for me, transformed the band which I had been embarrassed by years before, into the same breathe as the U2, the Pearl Jam, the Rolling Stones which once covered for them in my high school hallway. The opening chords of “Juego de Seduccion” began and the moment was here. “Voy hacer tu mayordomo” vowed Cerati… Soda was back.

Soda took us on a journey, masterfully performing songs from their historic career that began in 1984 with their self-titled debut. ‘Esta cancion es de nuestro primer disco’ announced Cerati, introducing Tele-K, and continuing with Texturas, and Hombre al Agua. Not letting the near capacity crowd rest for a moment, artfully incorporating their most successful songs into their 2 ½ hour set. The Angelino audience came to life with Persiana Americana... as I took a look around the stadium… not a soul in their seat, all fans were singing along…

The forty-eight year old frontman confessed to the audience he was suffering from a cold. Though from the projection in his voice and as tight as the band sounded, nobody would have dared noticed. Feeling the electricity in the cold night one can’t help but wonder why a band this great would ever choose to call it quits. After selling seven million records in their career, an MTV uplugged, and a farewell live concert cd, Soda’s history had been written. Cerati has admitted that there are no plans for a record, or continued touring with Soda Stereo. In 2008 everyone would go back to life as usual.

Ole, ole ole ole.. soda… soda… ole, ole ole ole… soda.. soda...

Over twenty-two thousand chanted anxiously for Soda to return for an encore. There I stood, arm in arm with familiar faces and complete strangers who over the last two hours had become my best friends… as we sang together, moshed together, took pictures with cell phones together, battled the cold together on front stage left… and, together, we experienced perhaps the greatest concert we would ever see in our lives…

Soda returned and finished their first encore with Profugos… they would leave the stage and the lights faded out… Los Angeles had waited so long they couldn’t possibly let Soda go so easily… The band returned and armed themselves with their instruments and performed a second encore, ending their set with Te Hacen Falta Vitaminas a song from early in their career that reminded us all just how simple and fun music can be. After twenty-five years since they had first come together in Argentina and began playing in the underground clubs, Cerati, Alberti, and Bosio, embraced arm in arm, stood at the front of the stage in front of Los Angeles, and waived goodbye for perhaps the final time.

As I walked home from high school my sophomore year… over the railroad tracks... kicking rocks… through hot summer afternoons and stormy winter weather… with my walkman in hand, stopping briefly to flip the cassette over to side B, it was Soda Stereo… not U2, Pearl Jam or Depeche Mode… to Soda, I apologize… era nada personal.

Chau Soda… gracias totales.

Me Veras Volver… Tour Sidenotes

Ecuador- 41,000 Estadio Alberto Moreno Spencer
Chile- 126,000 Estadio Nacional (breaking the previous record over two dates set by the reunion of Los Prisioneros in 2002)
Columbia- Parque Simon Bolivar
Mexico- 180,000 total Monterrey, Guadalajara & D.F.
Los Angeles- 22,000 Home Depot Center
Argentina- 6 sold out dates at River Plate stadium, breaking the previous record (5) set by the Rolling Stones. 360,000 total
By the end of the tour over 1 million Soda fans would see them perform live.

The set

Requires 50 stagehands to construct
30 tons of gear total (taken from city-to-city for every show)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Interpol Forum Los Angeles 10-23-07



Interpol Set-List
The Forum Los.Angeles.CA 10.23.07

Pioneer to the Falls
Obstacle 1
Pace is the Trick
Say Hello to the Angels
No I in Threesome
Slow Hands
Rest My Chemistry
The Lighthouse
The Heinrich Maneuver
Not Even Jail

Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down

How Are Things on the West Coast?

I first saw Interpol back when they played KROQ’s Weenie Roast and Sing-a-long in 2003. Turn on the Brightlights had just been released and they were closing the Budwieser side-stage. It was 100 degrees but Interpol made standing on the hot asphalt that afternoon worth it. I had since seen Interpol several times and very much looked forward to this Forum show.
The day of the show I had spoken to my sister, who lives in Rancho Santa Margarita. Los Angeles and San Diego counties were dealing with incredible fires. Many homes had been destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people were being evacuated as the Santa Ana winds put more homes in danger. The fire had come within a city block of my sisters home, she had packed her valuables and was awaiting word on a evacuation.
Like any brother would do, I got ready and headed to Inglewood for the Interpol show. I mean, c’mon, I couldn’t get to Rancho Santa Margarita if I wanted to, the fire department had closed the roads and only residents were being allowed to pass through.
Most are familiar with the Great Western Forum as the place where the Magic Johnson led the Los Angeles Lakers to five championship titles in the 80’s. Now, the forum plays host to a Gospel Baptist Church on Sunday’s. I had been to a Pearl Jam concert there in the 90’s but the vibe was different. It was still the Great Western Forum, looking up at the rafters you could still see the championship banners and the retires jerseys from former Laker greats. Tonight, it had the feeling I had come into a rented abandoned wherehouse. Interpol, one of the most fashion-conscience bands were playing a venue like the forum? Go Figure. There were a lot of empty seats in the collanade section, but the floor section was jam packed. I’m sure the fires encouraged many to stay home and glued to the tele.
Interpol came on at about 9:30pm, it was the perfect time to head to the beer lines as everyone rushed to front of the house to get a close look. As I waited in the short line it was easy to conclude that such a venue was too big for this band. I felt sorry for the people with shitty seats in the back. Better venue choices would have been the Greek Theatre, The Wiltern or the Avalon. Regardless, the show went on. Highlights included “Narc”, “Slow Hands”, and Evil.” “The Lighthouse”, from their latest album, Our Love to Admire killed the show’s momentum. It could have been better placed as the open to a second encore. It’s bad enough there isn’t much crowd interaction between the band and the audience, there was the occasional comment; “it’s good to be on the west coast” Banks (singer/guitarist) confessed to the crowd at one point. Paul, much of Southern California is up in flames, the usually sunny day was overcast because of the smoke from the fires. I would conclude that being on the west coast… not so good right now.
The best part of the show was undoubtedly the encore. Coming out of the break with “Untitled”, Interpol reflected the somber mood throughout the Forum. Then, continuing with “Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down” in which Banks belts out “Stella I love you, Stella I love you” really captures the essence and melancholic though at times intense sound of Interpol. They closed their set with PDA, why they waited until their final song to completely make use of all of their video and lighting stage props is unbeknown to me. It was exhilarating, and the audience went wild, moshing and singing along.
The trip home wasn’t. As it was back to the reality that I may be needing to help my sibling move her family and her belongings to safety… so how are things on the west coast?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Proper Mosh Etiquette: Mind Your Manners

A recent study by the American Music Recreation Foundation suggested moshing is the top contributor of bruises to the upper torso region of concert goers. While the study is in fact a fallacy, and no one in their right mind cares to do a study on the ill effects of moshing, I wouldn’t necessarily disregard the physical pains of moshing. Being an aficionado of the Lucha Libre, I’ve seen the resemblance between the tired faces of the rudos leaving the ring and those of moshers leaving the pit. In order to prevent being swallowed in the abyss of cheap black vinyl and sweat, I’ve put together, through the means of careful observation and half-assed assumptions, a few rules on proper mosh etiquette for all music fans to follow. First, concert goers must at all times remain alert for a mosh formation. A mosh pit initially begins with innocuous shoves from one individual to another, progressively growing in force and strength, ultimately leading to the participation of many in what can be deemed a carnal practice, traditionally in the form of a pit.
As a general rule, both men and woman should be allowed to enter the pit at their own discretion. Women need to be especially on-guard as they have been known to lose both teeth and articles of clothing within its parameters.

Once in the pit, participants must access the movement of the moshing. That is, if people are pushing in a clockwise motion, participants should follow. If the flow is moving from outer to inner circle, do the same. Don’t attempt to go against the flow of the pit. Salmon do this against the tide to lay eggs, and then die. Learn from the salmon.

Once in the pit, men can get over-heated and eventually wreak a stench so foul even Europeans would protest. In consideration for the fellow music patrons, deodorant should be a priority before leaving home. Also, any shirt removal should be left to emaciated musicians.The activities in the pit should always remain energetic and lively. While it is important to maintain the integrity of the pit, all should be aware that injuries may occur. Therefore, those attendees scared or angry the pit is forming within their space should take heed and move away. The collective within the pit should comply by the unwritten rules of: 1) no targeted rushes towards specific individuals, 2) man-down assistance, and 3) no intentional attempts to inflict pain. Lastly, those wishing to crowd surf within the pit must also comply with weight and height restrictions. A 6’1¨ 310 lb. man should keep both feet on the floor. That cracking sound might just be someone’s neck. Women of that size should also do the same, for many more reasons not to be discussed. Further, surf is a metaphorical term. There is no actual swimming in the pit, so there is no need to kick. Kicking may lead to someone’s Chuck Taylors hanging from the singer’s mic stand, compliments of other fellow moshers. As for the surrounding observers, those typified by their crossed arms and slightly bobbing heads so as to disguise any hint of actually enjoying themselves, they must learn to coexist with the pit. Keep all ice in the cup and find a good spot to watch the show. Moshers may bump into observers, but no offense should be taken. However, moshers should take caution when getting to the nucleus of the pit so as to avoid knocking innocent victims over. More importantly, this will deter any stray alcohol from hitting the floor, a true travesty. Ultimately, it is the courageous few observers who form the wall of the pit. It’s not exactly Berlin united, but it’s a nice partnership. Everyone should be allowed to enjoy themselves at a show and unfortunately, there is only so much beer to go around, so it’s up to concert goers to make it lively and entertaining in their own way. The coexistence of the rowdy mosher and the laid back observer creates an interesting dynamic. With the addition of good performers and good music, it will be memorable show that doesn’t include three stitches above the eye.
by Gee Padilla, contributing writer

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Morrissey Hollywood Palladium October 11 2007

Jack the Ripper
Stop Me if you Think You’ve Heard This One Before
Sister, I’m A Poet
The World is Full of Crashing Bores
The Boy With the Thorn in His Side
I Like You
The Loop
Death of a Disco Dancer
Billy Bud
Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself
Stretch Out And Wait
One Day Goodbye Will be Farewell
Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me
I’m throwing My Arms Around Paris
That’s How People Grow Up
Irish Blood, English Heart
All You Need Is Me
Last of the Famous International Playboys
Life is a Pigsty
How Soon is Now

First of the Gang to Die

A funny thing happened on the way to the Palladium, aside from the usual traffic nightmare otherwise known as the 101 freeway… we get to the palladium and had make a right off Sunset Blvd to find a place to park. After a couple of laps around the block my friend Ronny and I agreed to pull into the lot right across the street from the Palladium, parking everywhere was $20. Ronny pulls out a $100 bill, because that’s the way we roll, and hands it o the attendant. The attendant sees his Benji and denies it, apparently he only takes exact change! Now, there are about a hundred cars already in the lot, and the guy only takes exact change??? Asshole. We had to make a stop at the CVS pharmacy across the street to hit the ATM and get some twenties.

Being the astute businessman that he is, Ronny sold the extra ticket we had (below face value mind you) and we recuperated our parking rip off and still had some cash left over for the first round of bud lights (which were on a tap from an ice chest? WTF?).

I’m a veteran of 12 Morrissey concerts. I caught Morrissey’s Marc Jacobs sweaty white shirt from his show at the Arrowhead Pond and a drum stick from the Wiltern show in LA a few years back. (I later sold the Morrissey shirt for $350 to a die-hard moz fan). So I knew what to expect. I knew it would be impossible to get close to the stage… that space belonged to the fans who either spent the night in line or got there really early that morning… I had actually done the ‘get there really early’ thing the last time Morrissey played the palladium in 1999… and it’s really a waste. You spend hours in line and get a decent place by the stage, but only to be pushed up against sweaty girls and guys as others who didn’t get there so early tried to make their way as close to Morrissey as possible… tonight, I much rather enjoy a few drinks and appreciate from a distance.

Kristeen Young was the opening act… not to say the group was a White Stripes rip off… because I wouldn’t insult the White Stripes… Ronny and I took turns making beer runs and chatted with some old work mates and by the time Morrissey was about to go on we must have been on round number three.

Morrissey took the stage at approximately 21:07 by my clock to a rousing applause by ¾-full palladium. Morrissey and the lads opened with ‘Jack the Ripper’… the setlist must have been among the best of all the concerts I had been to, about twelve years worth. Though, as Morrissey got through the first couple of songs something didn’t feel quite right. As he sang ‘Tomorrow’, I began to miss the old lads… Alain Whyte and Gary Day… even though for a while I had a slight grudge against Whyte because he was the reason Morrissey canceled his Las Vegas show at the House of Blues (apparent back spasms) that I had gone to… but I was over it and now I was wishing he and Day were there.

The opening riff to ‘the Boy with a Thorn is his Side’ played and made my night… I’d never thought I would ever hear that song live! ‘The Loop’ was also great to hear… Solomon Walker led the lads strumming his stand up bass as the band took front and center, and the palladium was rocking!

There comes a specific time in every Morrissey show, especially if you’ve had a few, that you’re singing along and a lyric hits you right in the heart… and you pull out your cell phone and you text the lyric to someone… “the sanest days are mad…” I typed, “don’t rake up my mistakes, I know exactly what they are… and what do you do… well you just sit there… I’ve been stabbed in the back… so many, many times, I don’t have any skin… but that’s just the way it goes”. Yes, I texted the entire thing… unfortunately she doesn’t know much about Morrissey and she isn’t much a fan of metaphors.

“Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me… no hope, no harm, just another false alarm”, ok so I was texting again! This time I texted someone I knew would understand. She did, “so tell me how long… before the right one…” she responded. How priceless are those random moments when someone in a far off place can know exactly what you are thinking!

For years Morrissey has been described as depressing, “the ambassador of angst” wrote the Los Angeles Times. To those of us who have been loyally following him for years, obsessively reading each and every word of each and every song Morrissey is an artist, someone so talented that is able to get inside our minds, our hearts and our feelings and beautifully put those feelings into verses, into songs… he leads us like sheep into the dark, lonely corners of our thoughts… and then fearlessly leading us to a happier place. It is without wonder that Morrissey can host a ten-night residency without regular maintstream radio support.

“That’s How People Grow Up” was a new song that Morrissey interrupted because of some kind of technical sound problem… for a moment I wondered if Morrissey would continue… I wasn’t that close to the stage to figure out if the problem was fixed, but nonetheless the lads continued on.

Judging by the reaction, I could see that I wasn’t the only one who got goose bumps when ‘The Last of the Famous International Playboys’ was played. “Dear hero imprisoned, with all the new crimes that you are perfecting” the entire palladium crowd sang along… and Morrissey kindly put his microphone down and let the audience take over “I’m the last of the famous… international playboys…” Morrissey was having fun… and the audience didn’t miss a word… “I never wanted to kill… I’m not naturally evil… such things I do… just to make myself more attractive to you, have I failed? To which Morrissey responded emphatically “YES!!!”

It was near the end of the night and we had run into my buddy Veronica and a few of her friends who were enjoying the show not too far from where we were standing. Though ‘How Soon is Now’ is a tired song… we playfully toasted what was left of our drinks and with smiles on our faces, we sang our hearts out “So there’s a club that you’ve got to go.. you could meet somebody… who really loves you… so you go and stand on your own… and you leave on your own… and you go home and you cry and you want to die!” It was the sixth Smith song Morrissey had performed tonight. After all, the Hollywood Palladium was the venue where the Smiths performed in their first visit to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles! Morrissey closed with The First of the Gang to Die. The Palladium, which was closing for renovation at the end of Morrissey’s 10 show run, nearly came down ahead of schedule! Stage invaders attacked, everyone jumped, pushed and dragged their way to the front, it was everyone’s last chance to get to Morrissey. Keeping with tradition, Morrissey took off his shirt and tossed it to the wild crowd. It was a fitting end to a great night.

On the way home Ronny and I exchanged ex-girlfriend stories. A Morrissey concert can do that to you. That night I laid in my bed… still playing and replaying each moment of the unforgettable concert… “You have never been in love… we are the pretty petty thieves… and you’re standing on our streets… Hector was the first of the gang… and he stole from the rich and the poor and the not very rich- and the very poor… and he stole our hearts away… ahey he hey…“ my friend and I texted each other back and forth, and though ‘it may all end tomorrow’, tonight, we shall sing ourselves to sleep.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Love and Betrayal- My Julieta Venegas Story

Love and Betrayal- My Julieta Venegas Story
Where art thou my dear Juliet...

Chapter 1 Pleased to meet you.

Julieta Venagas used to be the shit. She was a proud member of our mundorockero and lead feminine voice of all things sad and depressing... She penned the badass hit "pobre de ti" while with Tijuana No and in '97 she released her first solo album "Aqui". Many have forgotten how great this album is... filled with sadness, with "aqui" would be praised by critics and Julieta welcomed to the rockera circle. Dust off "Aqui " from your cd self and be prepared... pictured on the cover a melancholic Venegas... with a nose ring!
Como Se (from the album Aqui)

como se si lo que dices es verdad,
no tengo derecho a reprocharpero
hace tempo que presientoalgo grita y dice esto
no es asípodría ser de alguna otra forma la cosa asi
¿quien es que te vienes creyendo?
¿como se que si sonríes significaque nos conocemos demasiado bien?
pero hace tiempo que presientocuando miras así algo queda sin decirpodría ser más sencillo,
no es así como lo planeamos
¿quien es que te vienes creyendo?
no impora ya que no te gustecomo lo digo,
aquí lo tienesno impora ya que no recuerdes,
ya te lo dije, ahí lo tienes
Chapter 2 I (heart) you Julieta- the courtship

Armed with her accordian... Venegas went back to the studio, with help from her friends (cafe tacuba, Botella de Jerez, Santa Sabina, producer Gustavo Santaolalla) her follow-up album Bueninvento was louder, electronic, it was rock, it was everything... my crush was over... I was now in love with Julieta Venegas. I remember going to the house of blues on sunset to see her for the first time. I remember this because not only was it one of the first times a random hot chick bought me a drink (why don't hot girls ever buy guys drinks?)but i remember it because Julieta looked uncomfortable on stage... she wore a conservative top and grey slacks with tennis shoes... she hardly said a word to the audience... i loved her more. She was the shy girl from her album cover (check it out, she can't even look at the camera).
Seria Feliz (from the album Bueninvento)

Si pudiera yo tenerte aqui hablandome de nada
y cuándo más y cuando másseguro es lo que me falta
si pudiera recuperarlo que no me tocó porque ya no hay
porque llegue muy tarde
seguro es por ahi
Tiempo suficiente me falta cada vez
vida suficiente me falta otra vez
Si solo tuviera un lugarpara expresar
mi neceasidad y alguien escucharalo que tengo aquieso sería
si tuviera el respeto de quienes no me toman en cuenta
si solo vieran de lo que soy capazes eso lo que me falta
seguro así sería felíz
Tiempo sufieciente me falta cada vez vida suficiente me falta otra vez
Si solo tuviera el colorde quienes parecen disfrutar
si él mismo me pintara a mi parece es por ahíseguro seria feliz...
si pudiera solo tuviera un lugar
Julieta would go on to tour with Jaguares, Jumbo, and la Gusana Ciega in 2000 on la gira Revoluccion and would capture the hearts of many. I met her on this tour and I couldn't bring myself to tell her how great she was and how I secretly loved her.. hey my ex-girlfriend would have gotten really mad.
Chapter 3 We need to talk. I don't even know you anymore!..
WTF? After years of anticipation for your next work you return from Argentina after a fling with Coti and you have this.... Si??? with your coquetish pose and wearing a wedding dress??? WTF Julieta. Who are you...
Algo Esta Cambiando (from the album Si)

Me hablas, preguntas, si nos podemos ver después
razones me sobranpero aunque quiera no lo sé siempre hay algo más,
que a simple vista no se veserá que hay algo más,
que a simple vista no…
Te asusta la idea de lo que pueda suceder,
decirte quisiera algo que te haga sentir bien,
pero es que hay algo más,
que a simple vista no se veserá que hay algo más,
que a simple vista no se ve.
Pero siento que hay en míalgo que esta cambiandono se ve…
Pero siento que hay en míalgo que esta cambiando
No pienses que olvido,
lo que me ha dado tu quererlo llevo conmigo,
así me puedo sentir bienpero es que hay algo más,
que a simple vista no se veserá que hay algo más,
que a simple vista no se ve.
Pero siento que hay en míalgo que esta cambiandono se ve…
Pero siento que hay en míalgo que esta cambiando
Que más quisiera yo,
que ser feliz y darte amor,
amorque más quisiera yo,
vivir feliz y darte amor,
Fuck yeah! Algo esta cambiando... no shit! Take a look at yourself!! The last great piece of music to come out of Argentina was Babasonicos and babe... this aint no Babasonicos! Just because it's cheap to produce an album there it doesn't mean you had to reinvent yourself! I don't support this makeover. I don't like it. Regardless, I went to the Venegas show at the El Rey... in a relationship you really do go through hardships and this couldn't be any different. But what? Not one song from Bueninvento... nothing from Aqui?? Who are you? It feels like that episode of the wonder years when Winnie Cooper starts hanging out with the cool kids... and eventually starts dating that nerdo Roger... and poor Kevin is heartbroken... Julieta is now wearing pumps and short jeans skirts... say what?
Chapter 4 You betrayed me... how could you?

I stood up for you when my friend Oscar declined my invitation to go to your concert at JC Fandango because he insisted that he couldn't stand women singers because a woman could never understand his emotions (he's in my top eight if you want to talk shit to him). The fouth album Limon y Sal... typical case of 'Jumping the Shark' when rocker turned popstar chooses to collaborate with a hip-hop artist on one track... it happended to Paula Abdul (skat strut)... Mariah Carey (Heartbreaker, but it happened a few times with her).. Shakira etc etc.. and now i'nm listening to "eres para mi"... 'Limon y Sal' you say que me quieres con limon y sal... tal y como estas... you say que eres para mi... then all of a sudden "me voy"??? porque no supiste entender mi corazon???? WTF??? you betrayed me!
Chapter 5 I'm single... the rebound.

Today... with my Amy Winehouse cd in hand I say to you... forget you Julieta Venegas!!! I'm over you.